About us

Tauromaquia Es Violencia (TeV) is a coalition of national and international organizations that fight against animal abuse and for the rights of animals. These organizations have joined together to make a demonstration of great affluence and media impact in Spain for the abolition of bullfighting.

our goal

In May of 2017 we organized a mass protest in Madrid drawing thousands of people and generating significant media coverage in the Spanish and international media. This year we would like to take the streets again and we would like you to join us in this noble fight against the torture of bulls.

About us

Currently, the organizing committee is composed of Animal GuardiansAnimaNaturalis, Association of Abolitionist Veterinarians of Bullfighting and Animal Abuse (AVATMA), CAS International, Antitaurino Collective and Animalist of Bizkaia (CAAB), Gladiators for PeaceNo Corrida, Plataforma La Tortura is not Culture (LTNEC), Plataforma STOP TauromaquiaPiztiak and Sanctuary Wings of heart.